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Horizon Globe SE


Our Most Affordable Model

Horizon Globe SE is a great budget option. The wooden SE model has the zodiac and months preprinted on the ecliptic AND comes with constellation crystals that elegantly display the motion of the constellations. The Horizon Globe SE latitude is fixed at 45 degrees North.

The pre-printed ecliptic ring and horizon plate showing constellations, seasons, and directions, make the SE easy to set up and use.

An affordable option, the Horizon Globe SE is a great choice for budget-minded homeschools or classrooms where each student has their own globe.

Horizon Globe SE

Capable + budget-friendly 

  • Wooden construction, carnauba wax finish

  • Ships flat-packed, ready-to-assemble

  • 10" diameter, stands approximately 12" tall

  • Latitude is fixed at 45 degrees North


  • Zodiac constellations are pre-printed on ecliptic ring

  • Zodiac constellations plus 4 additional constellations (Orion, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, and the Big Dipper) are clear acrylic "crystal" disks that attach to the globe 

  • Available with a full set of accessories:​

    • Moons:

      • full 

      • crescent

      • quarter

      • gibbous

    • Planets​:

      • Mars​

      • Venus

      • Jupiter

      • Saturn 

    • ​Constellations:​

      • Orion

      • Big Dipper

      • Cassiopeia

      • Summer Triangle​​


  • ​Full-color, 204 page book

       "Observational Astronomy" by Tom VanDamme​

Cover Observational Astronomy-03.png

Horizon Globe SE

including all accessories & full-color book


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