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Horizon Globe PRO


An Innovative Powerhouse

Horizon Globe PRO is a precision instrument for professionals. It's a new type of armillary sphere that demonstrates the motion of celestial objects from the viewer's vantage point. This convenient device simplifies the seasonal path of the sun, moon cycles, and planetary motion, making them easy to understand and demonstrate.

Horizon Globe PRO is fully-adjustable for any latitude, 90 degrees north to 90 degrees south. 

Its durable steel construction makes it suitable for years of classroom use, while its beautiful design and bronze electroplating make it a work of art.

Horizon Globe PRO allows you to visualize the geometry of the ecliptic. Magnetically attach the constellations and watch how the stars move throughout the course of the night and day. The stainless steel constellations are true to scale, making the sky easier than ever to understand. 

The PRO model comes complete with the sun, moon, planets, and dozens of constellations. It also has a sundial feature, which includes an LED flashlight and sundial gnomon. The accessories fit in the handy storage box that comes with the globe.

There is no better way to demonstrate the observational portion of astronomy. Colleges and universities across the country are discovering the Horizon Globe way to captivate students' attention and generate real enthusiasm for the science.

Horizon Globe helps you see the patterns in the sky

Horizon Globe helps you visualize the ecliptic

Horizon Globe PRO

A precision tool for professionals


  • Sturdy steel construction, bronze-plated finish

  • 14" diameter, stands approximately 20" tall

  • Fully adjustable for any latitude 90 degrees North to 90 degrees South

  • Constellations are stainless steel, magnetically-attachable and true-to-scale 

  • Available with a full set of accessories:

    • Sun​​

    • Moons:

      • full 

      • crescent

      • quarter

      • gibbous

    • Planets​

      • Mars​

      • Venus

      • Jupiter

      • Saturn 

      • Mercury

    • Constellations:

      • 4 Guidepost constellations:

        • Orion

        • Big Dipper

        • Cassiopeia

        • Summer Triangle

      • 12 Zodiac constellations:

        • Capricorn​

        • Aquarius

        • Pisces

        • Aries

        • Taurus

        • Gemini

        • Cancer

        • Leo

        • Virgo

        • Libra

        • Scorpio

        • Sagittarius

      • 6 Northern constellations:

        • Little Dipper​

        • Bootes

        • Auriga

        • Canis Major

        • Canis Minor

        • Pisces Austrinus

      • 4 Southern constellations:

        • Southern Cross​

        • Centaur

        • Ship 

        • River

    • Wooden Storage Box to hold accessories​

Horizon Globe PRO

including all accessories


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