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Horizon Globe is great for homeschoolers. The self-paced book and easy-to-use globe make learning astronomy a cinch. No one needs to explain the ideas to you when you can see them for yourself!

Cathy Duffy loves us!

See her review of the Horizon Globe SE at Cathy Duffy Reviews.

From the review:

"The Horizon Globe is an ingenious hands-on device for learning about the seasons, and the sun, moon, and stars..."

"...most students will enjoy constructing the Horizon Globe..."

"...keep(s) it simple enough for beginning astronomers to understand..."


Charter Schools

Homeschooling families who are signed up with a charter school can order a Horizon Globe using their charter school curriculum budget.

If your charter school is not shown here, please contact us. We'll be happy to add your charter school to our expanding list!

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