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Family Stargazing

Whether you're on the road or snug at home, the Horizon Globe will enhance your enjoyment of the skies.

Families can watch the stars together as an activity. Kids love to find the constellation Orion! The easy-to-use globe will show you where to find constellations, the moon, and even the planets. If you can find the sun, you can find a favorite star.

When you're at home, it's easy to use the globe to orient yourself in your own backyard. Once you see how the stars move, it's easy to know what to watch for! If you can observe where the sun rises on the summer solstice (just on the other side of that tree!), then you can watch for the full moon to rise there around the time of the winter solstice.

Campers and hikers will upgrade their recreation on the trails and mountainsides, as the daytime sun and nighttime stars all come to life. Having a sharpened perception of the seasons will make spring hikes and autumn strolls all the more satisfying.

Traveling becomes more gratifying and thought-provoking as you watch the sun change with your latitude, and notice that your view of the stars shifts, too! 

Which Horizon Globe is right for you? 


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