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Horizon Globe LX

Our Most Popular Model

Horizon Globe LX is perfect for homeschoolers, scout troops and other star-gazing enthusiasts who need an affordable globe that has latitude adjustment. The LX has the capability to model any place in the Northern Hemisphere, i.e. latitudes 0 to 90 degrees North.

Zodiac constellations are pre-printed on the ecliptic ring, along with the months and seasons. This pre-printed ecliptic ring along with the etched horizon plate showing directions, make the LX easy to use. 


There are four additional true-scale constellations included with the LX model. Orion, Cassiopeia, Cygnus and the Big Dipper easily attach to the globe at their pre-printed locations.


Easy-to-use, functional, and affordable. The Horizon Globe LX is a great choice for homeschools or classrooms where each student has their own device.

Horizon Globe LX

Functional + affordable

  • Wooden construction, carnauba wax finish

  • Comes fully assembled

  • 11" diameter, stands approximately 16" tall

  • Adjustable for latitudes 0 to 90 degrees North


  • Zodiac constellations are pre-printed on ecliptic ring

  • Additional constellations are durable engineered thermoplastic ​​

  • Full set of accessories:​

    • Moons:

      • full 

      • crescent

      • quarter

      • gibbous

    • Planets​:

      • Mars​

      • Venus

      • Jupiter

      • Saturn 

    • ​Constellations:​

      • Orion

      • Big Dipper

      • Cassiopeia

      • Summer Triangle​​


  • Wooden Storage box to hold accessories

  • ​Full-color, 204 page book 

       "Observational Astronomy" by Tom VanDamme

Cover Observational Astronomy-03.png

Horizon Globe LX

including all accessories & full-color book


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