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What is Horizon Globe?



Horizon Globe is a mechanical device that shows you what is in the sky, how it is arranged, and how it moves. You can see the sun and seasons, the moon and its phases, constellations, and planets.  

There are several models available! So whether you are a backyard astronomer, a homeschooler, or a university professor, there's a Horizon Globe solution for you.

It's easy to become an expert star-gazer using the Horizon Globe and accompanying book.

How does it work?



The Horizon Globe is easy to use. For its most elementary use, you can simply place the sun on the globe and spin the globe to show sunrise and sunset.


The motion of any celestial object can be shown effortlessly with the Horizon Globe.

  • Watch the constellations move across the sky

  • Move the sun through the stars to study seasons.

  • Attach the moon and learn about moon phases.

  • Add planets to see where to find Mars or Jupiter will be at any given time.

  • See how solar and lunar eclipses work.

  • Study how latitude affects how you see the sky.

  • Look at the zodiac constellations.

No need for complicated explanations when the globe shows you the answer in 3-D! Horizon Globe provides an approachable and thorough way to discover the science and joy of observational astronomy.

A Unique Dual-Perspective


is the star of the Horizon Globe show. He stands in the center of every globe.


Horizon Globe gives you a unique dual-perspective that establishes an intuitive understanding of the workings of the sky.


From inside the globe, you can see exactly what the Observer sees and vice-versa. He sees what you can see in the real sky! This is a great way to see the sky how you really observe it when you're outside.


But the Observer's observations are limited to the visible half of the sky. He can only see what's above the horizon.


From outside the globe, you can see the part of the sky that is hidden from the Observer. This allows you to grasp the whole context of the sky instead of just the visible half. With this expanded view, you can see how all the different celestial objects are related and the pattern of their motion.


The Horizon Globe gives you the superhuman ability to see both what is above and below the horizon!

One Globe, Two Perspectives!

The view from INSIDE the Horizon Globe--spin the globe and you and watch the constellations go by, just like the Observer!


The view from OUTSIDE of the Horizon Globe--you get to see everything the Observer does, plus what he can't see.

Find out which Horizon Globe works best for you:

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